General product safety

Quality and safety has got absolute priority and that is why we get the wooden beads and metal bells, the letter cubes as well as the PP twine from Germany.

My suppliers guarantee that all materials used have been produced after German Standard/Norm EN 71-3 and also after the “German Toy Guideline” (Spielzeugrichtlinie) 2009/48/EG.

As to my supplier all wooden products are sweat- and salivafast*, colourfast, rustproof, nickel-free and ecologically compatible.

* their Definition: the short saliva-contact does not lead to wear or abrasion; only permanent sucking however can lead to dissolution or flaking of the paint. Saliva-contact in relation to chewing or biting unavoidably causes flaking of the paint (to compare with a pencil that had been sucked and none of the paint comes off, but if it had been chewed the paint will flake).

BUT because of the harmlessness of the materials themselves there is no danger for the baby/child at any time!

The used PP twines accord to the German Eco-Tex-Standard (Oeko-Tex-Standard). They are also saliva-fast and very durable and tear proof.

The clips have got holes for ventilation to avoid suffocation after swallowing.

Special Safety Instruction for using a dummy clip and teething ring as these products are mainly for babies and toddlers:

  • Please do not leave your child unattended using a dummy clip. It should not be used in the cot, bed, pram etc., but however if you give your child a dummy clip, then be particularly careful.
  • Never extend the clip!
  • Before every use please check the dummy clip and its knots.
  • At first signs of fault, deficit or damage the dummy clip or teething ring should be discarded.
In general please notice that all beaded products consist of small parts which are not suitable for children under 3 years when separately used! All use of sangoza products is on your own risk.

General Cleaning of the beaded products:

Please only rinse under warm water and dry with a cloth. Never use sharp cleaners, do not boil or put the products into the dishwasher or sterilizer.

For any queries or questions regarding the use or safety of the products you can also contact us at